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Tales from Sandy Bottom

Lundy Island

In this Film we cover 8,000 years of history on the Island

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“Margaret Gatty”  Life & times of a victorian lady collector

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Out now on  DVD & Blu-ray

Lundy Island

I have been involved with the island of Lundy for nearly forty years and it has away's been a dream of mine to make a film of Lundy, in it I want to include the whole history of the island from the Neolithic to modern day, the wildlife in the seas to the plants and animals on the land.

I have been lucky enough to have the backing of Natural England in that they have giving me all the video footage that they have on the island, also Derek Green the island manager is also helping me with the making of this film.

We will take you around this 3 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile island, showing you the history with the help of the archaeologists who have for many years worked to unravel the people that have settled on this five million old granite out-crop.

In the film we want to take the viewer though the whole history of this mystical island.

In the seas we shall show you the many beautiful marine animals that inhabit the marine reserve that surrounds the island

Just got back from a land based trip on the island. Had a lot of help from the staff in getting all the camera equipment on to the island, also filming from the helicopter. Spent the week going around the island with my camera crane which was interesting. Had 80 location to film, which worked out OK, and a few more, one being the church bell ringers were there ringing the bells which I was able to film and the ten bells  in the belfry

Millcombe Villa viewed form the road

Village viewed from the church Tower

The Bell ringers will make an interesting piece to the story, I was able to film them bell ringing in the church and also film the ten bells ringing in the belfry. There is a fantastic view from the top of the tower across the island to the old light.

Inside  the church St Helena

View of the Old light from  the church grounds. The 96 ft light house was built on Beacon Hill in 1819 on the site of the old beacon that stood there. Being on the highest point of the island of 450 ft its was invisible to shipping  when the island was shrouded in mist.

The Old Light From the church grounds

Me sat in the Hut Circle at the north end

I am sat in one of the Hut Circle at the north end of Lundy, these where excavated by Gardner in 1972. Now identified  as of the middle or late bronze age. The island has many hut circles, cairns and barrows, with remains of Celtic Field Systems across the island.  

Four of the Soay Rams

When I was on the island in late February 2013 they were culling the deer and the Soay sheep, So I was able to spend an afternoon with Kevin the Deer man. The number of Deer and Soay Sheep range from 80 up to 130, they cull the animals to how good the habitat is on the  island at that time.

I have been going down to Hartland Point several times to get the beginning sequence, but so far haven’t quite got it, went over to Lundy for the day with Keith Hiscock to do the Marine Biology of the island, that was a good day. Met the guys at the Ilfracombe aquarium before we set sail so have a little bit of footage about the marine protected areas. On the way over met some of the Lundy field society and managed to get the chairman to do a sound bit on the society.

In September I hope to start the Archaeology footage, starting with Henrietta Quinnell on the late stone age to the early Christian period.

On the bird life I am hoping that Grant the Barman on the island will do a few sound bits for the film

Went to Exeter to film Henrietta Quinnell on the pre-history of the island and was hoping to take her to Lundy for the day to film the Beacon Hill & Cemetery, but with bad weather had to getting Lundy postponed it to next year 2014.

Had a busy year 2014, The trip to the island in June went well. Andrew Cleave spoke on the Plant & bird life. Henrietta showed me the sites up on Beacon Hill. So it was back to the studio to finish it off.

I took the camera crane and slider over with me. And got them to transport them around the Island

And so after three years I have finally finished the film .

So its out in the market place

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