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Tales from Sandy Bottom

Lundy Island

In this Film we cover 8,000 years of history on the Island

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“Margaret Gatty”  Life & times of a victorian lady collector

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Out now on  DVD & Blu-ray

Latest News From The Studios

Tails from Sandy Bottom  This is a new venture for us, in that's its making a series of  short children’s films about a group of animals on the seabed.  They go about the seabed having adventures with other animals down at Sandy Bottom.

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The BBC One Show

 After a few months wait we finally had a chance to  see the film that “The One Show” made of myself  and Miranda diving at Babbacombe Bay looking for  the Cuttlefish. The date of the show was 28th Sept

 There will be a link  to it on the BBC  Nature  History Unit website

Victorian Lady Seaweed Collectors Film

We are making a full length film about a group of Victorian Ladies who collected seaweeds from the shores of Britain in the 1900’s. They produced an enormous amount material, identifying a great deal of new species to the UK. One of these Ladies was a Margaret Gatty whose two volume book “ British Seaweeds” was still being used up to the 1960’s in universities.

In the film we go to Sheffield Museum where a lot of her collection is stored, and visit the many beaches  that she did her collecting from. It was a time when women weren't aloud to study the sciences, their place was in the home, because of this we will look at the many differences to the modern women biologist.

We will take you underwater to see  the many thousands of beautiful seaweeds that was beyond the reach of these ladies.

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Lundy Island

I have been involved with the island of Lundy for nearly forty years and its been a dream of mine to make a film of Lundy, to include the whole history of the island from the Neolithic to modern day, the wildlife in the seas to the plants and animals on the land.

I have been lucky enough to have the backing of Natural England in that they have giving me all the video footage that they have on the island, also Derek Green the island manager is also helping me with the making of this film.

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